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Our house signature lining, Alcantara is an Italian micro-synthetic fibre used in vintage luxury cars. The shade is the colour of our favourite wine, Amarone. Alcantara is renowned for its durability, lightness, and non-fading properties.
Atelier Calfskin

The highest quality leather in the world, this French calfskin is the pinnacle of our collection. It is tanned using highest artisanal techniques, which allows the leather to maintain its original softness and slouch. Natural leathers like this are not stamped or covered, and will develop a patina and gentle marks which only adds to their beauty.

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Buffalo Leather

Our buffalo leather has a natural grain so that it can develop our signature patina with time. Unlike leathers that have been stamped and coated for texture, our natural process ensures that each piece gets more supple with wear. The unique characteristics of natural buffalo leather make each piece one of a kind.

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Natural Linen

Our signature double-faced linen is made from vintage umbrella fabric to ensure it is timeless as it is sturdy. The linen is created to be water-resistant by placing a layer of natural rubber in-between two sheets of the linen. It is easy to clean and made to last.

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Natural Calfskin

Inspired by our favourite pair of vintage riding boots, natural calfskin has a smooth, matte finish that acquires more character with each use. Infused with oil, the leather will gradually develop a shine with wear. 

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Signature Canvas

Our house pattern takes influence from Art Deco and merges with geometric tessellations found in classic Arabic architecture. The pattern uses a stippling technique, which utilizes dots of varying degrees of density to create a fading effect.

The printing process on our signature canvas is also incredibly unique. Standing behind our commitment to natural materials, we flatten our linen in order to be able to print on it, then we wet it and stretch it to bring the natural grain back, then there is a light coating to ensure that it is water resistant.

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Smooth Calfskin

The perfect in-between from our atelier calfskin and buffalo leather, smooth calfskin has a subtle grain with a lustrous matte finish. Great for everyday use, this leather is made to last and show minimal scratch.

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Our supple, whisper-soft Italian suede is of the highest quality. It is surprisingly light, structured and wears in beautifully without wearing out.

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Trench Coat
This fabric is sleek, elegant and seasonless. Waterproof and durable, just like a classic trench.
Woven Leather

Our unique woven leather is entirely made by hand using ancient looms especially created for this process. Strips of leather of various sizes and dimensions are used to form weaves that take shape and give life to a final tapestry, which is held together by seams and ancient artisan techniques.

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Established in Mayfair, London in 2017, Métier designs elegant solutions for modern problems. Each bag is handcrafted in Italy, marrying timeless tradition and exceptional attention to detail with a profound understanding of the way that we live now. Extraordinary quality isn’t saved for a special occasion at Métier—it’s put into play every day, in every way.