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We've always found a relaxed and minimal atmosphere best befits a celebration, and Christmas is no exception. We have a less is more approach to everything–what we call warm minimalism. Whether it be our designs, or our holiday decor, we pick a few beautiful elements and give them the space to shine with just the right amount of simple refinement and restrained luxury.

Our clients are based globally, and even our immediate London team come from all over the world. We let these international traditions and cultures inspire us when it comes to our holiday celebrations. From our dream tablescape to gift wrapping, here is how to have a very Métier Christmas this year.


We love a tree that is a bit thinner and taller, which works well with the high ceilings. We pick up our tree each year from The Christmas Forest in Richmond, which does things sustainably. 

All you need for the tree is a few soft-white lights plus a small selection of handmade ornamenets. Simplicity is key when it comes to the decor.


We use old copies of The Financial Times and our signature Amarone hued ribbon to wrap our gifts. The rose gold paper balances the greenery of the tree so well when placed underneath.

Another gift wrapping technique we love is the Japanese Furoshiki wrapping. Use old scarves or invest in a few festive fabric that you can reuse each year.


When it comes to the dinner table, we want to evoke all the senses. We dress the table with a few branches, clementines and perhaps walnuts for sight, taste and touch.

This year, with our home collection launch, we will be adding our elegant napkin rings and wine charms to add artisanal touches to the table. All the decoration should always be reduced to perfection.

On the table

When it comes to food, we love to drink our favourite wine Amarone of course, but will also serve Swedish mulled wine called glögg, and German cinnamon biscuits called zimtsterne. And of course, lots of mince pies!

With all the deliscious wine and food, you don't need flashy glassware or tableware. We love antique glasses that we've collected throughout the years, plus Franco Bucci plates and cutlery from David Mellor.


As a rule, we never play Christmas music–there are many better songs to listen to. Instead, we start with jazz and Spanish guitar, which builds over the night into something more fun, such as Stevie Wonder or The Bangles. 

Listen to our December Playlist here.


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