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When we think of travel, we automatically assume that it involves a plane ride or that it has to last a minimum number of days. Of course there are trips reserved for long weekends, and extended vacations where this is true but the most important journeys are those that we take everyday. A journey by definition is “an act of travelling from one place to another.” A simple run to the grocery store then is a journey, as is going to work, then to the gym and back home. Each Métier product is designed with this in mind; for journeys both long and short.

We do not produce new products each season unless we feel that there is a journey we have not yet embarked on. Below, we break down some of our most travelled journeys and the best product for each voyage. We compare sizes and functionalities to ensure a smooth travel no matter where you are headed.

Let’s start with the simplest of them all; A last minute liquor store run, a trip to the train station to pick up a family member, or perhaps a nightcap drink at the hotel bar after a late check-in. Journeys that require nothing more than your phone, a set of keys, a few cards, and maybe some cash. Our Small Things Pouch, or the Runaway will do just the trick. With three separate compartments that are detachable, the Small Things Pouch is also perfect for storing different currencies or keeping track of receipts when travelling for business.


For expeditions that require a few more personal belongings, say a hand-held camera for a day at the museum, or a kindle for a tube ride to brunch, opt for bags that are compact yet still practical. The Perriand City Small, a new size for women, was designed for this exact purpose. For him, try a Wanderer messenger bag or a casual hands-free backpack.
Now for journeys most of us take everyday–to and from work–we wanted to create a product that became an extension of ourselves rather than simply an accessory. We thought about everything it had to carry, from a laptop to an oyster card to maybe even a change of shoes. The Private-Eye and Perriand City are what we call the perfect eight-to-late bags. They both fit a 13” laptop and come with a removable centre pouch for your essentials. The Closer Slim and the Mariner Zippered Tote for men also get the job done for your average work day.


To accommodate fuller days, like an overnight trip or those days that start at the gym and end with a dinner with friends, we’ve designed slightly bigger options. A Perriand All Day will carry a change of gym clothes and a small toiletries pouch as will The Closer Briefcase. The Vagabond All Day for him too, will take you from day to night to overnight without a hitch.


Headed out of town for a long weekend? Or perhaps you are in search of the perfect size carry-on. Perriand Weekend and Closer Weekend are our solution to hassle-free travel when it comes to journeys that last many days. The Vagabond Duffle is a timeless unisex option for both men and women that make an elegant travel companion. Each piece has been precisely measured to fit the overhead, and carefully crafted for optimal comfort for when it is filled and carried.


Métier is a luxury leather goods house dedicated to creating beautiful and timeless pieces of the highest quality, handcrafted in Italy. Designed thoughtfully for all excursions, each collection is intended to work together to enhance function, allowing an unmitigated ease extending from journey to destination.