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Inspired by mid-century stencils, the personalisation letter charms show off clean lines and honest use of our signature materials. Don't let its simplicity fool you though, as the letters have been hand-crafted in Italy by the most skilled artisans. An elegant way to add initials to your bag or dress the table as a napkin ring, discover the letter charms in five different colours and how it's made.
1. The Molds
Each letter is made from two pieces of leather, to cover the front and the back. Two molds are made for each letter from A–Z.
2. The 3-D Effect
Squares are cut from the leathers and embossed with each letter. A special padding is placed between the two pieces of embossed leather (front side and back side) to give dimension to the letters.
3. The Adhering
The two pieces of embossed leather are put through a high frequency machine which allows them to adhere to the padding in the middle and stay intact.
4. Hand Stitching
The two leather pieces are then sewen together following the outline of the letter.
5. Laser Cut
The letters are then laser cut to perfection, following the shape of each alphabet.
6. Adding the Loop

The edges of the leather are glued for extra reinforcement, and a strap with a discreet slot at the top is added to each letter, so it can be looped around a bag.

7. The Finishing Touch
We use our signature hand painting technique to make sure the edges of each letter are refined and smooth.


Métier is a luxury leather goods house that enhances the life and work of the modern-day man and woman. Anchored by a modular collection of timeless pieces, we believe purposeful design can transform daily experiences. Each bag is handcrafted in Italy, marrying timeless tradition and exceptional attention to detail with a profound understanding of the way that we live now.