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The crafting process behind our reversible collapsible boxes is one-of-a-kind, even for Métier's standards. In developing our home collection, we thought about ways to incorporate movement and the ability for each item to easily pack away.

The trays come in three different sizes, or in a set of three, and were designed for motion. Each box reversible as well as collapsible to ensure a smooth journey. Here, 6 steps on how it's made.

1. The Precise Cutting
First we cut the leather using a fustella, a cutting die, to ensure its accuracy.
2. The Magnets
32 magnets are inserted by hand on each side to ensure the boxes are reversible and stay intact when folded.
3. The Canaletto Construction
Between the panels of leather, we have created a "canaletto" construction. This literally means small canal, or channel, in Italian and allows the leather to fold both ways without creasing.
4. Heat Sealed Seams

Then we heat sealed all edges using a process called rigatura.

5. Hand-Stitched in Place
We then hand stitch the magnets in place.
6. Hand-Painted Edges
Last but not least, we paint the edges of each box using our signature 3 step process. This creates a perfectly smooth and straight finish, like silk.


Métier is a luxury leather goods house that enhances the life and work of the modern-day man and woman. Anchored by a modular collection of timeless pieces, we believe purposeful design can transform daily experiences. Each bag is handcrafted in Italy, marrying timeless tradition and exceptional attention to detail with a profound understanding of the way that we live now.