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The crafting process behind our backgammon board is what sets it apart from anything you've ever seen before. Everything has been thought through, from the magnets at the end of each cup that holds the roll closed, to the discreet heat-sealed seams which allows for a perfectly balanced and smooth surface.

Just like our bags, the backgammon game set was designed from the inside out. No detail is too small to perfect for our standards. Discover the craftsmanship behind our portable backgammon set and how it's made in 8 easy steps.

1. Laser Cut Pieces
All the different colour leather you see on the backgammon board are measured and laser cut to precision.
2. Hand Crafted Details
Each individual piece is prepared to be inlaid on the playing mat with handcrafted strips on the edges.
3. Heat-Sealed Seams
Each triangle points are then heat-sealed to create a perfectly balanced and smooth surface.
4. The Zip Compartment
The circular zip compartment which holds the dice and the game pieces, is made by rolling up the end of the playing mat. Magnets are inserted at each end to hold the roll closed when capped off with the shaking cup.
5. Shacking Cups

The shaking cups that also act as lids to the playing mat when rolled up, are assembled using our signature hand stitching. 

The base of each cup is made of cuoio, covered in buffalo leather and is engraved perfectly to fit the shaft.

The cups are also fitted with hidden magnets so that when the board is rolled, the magets lightly suction the roll close.

6. Hand-Painted Edges
The edges of the backgammon board are then hand-painted just like our bags and small leather goods. Even the zip compartment that holds the game pieces and its circular ends are precisly painted by hand to ensure the highest quality.
7. The Dice and the Checkers

Each die is assembled by hand. The dice have an interlocking Rubik's cube construction and a metal weight is placed inside for it to roll properly.

Each checker too, is covered on both sides by our signature buffalo and smooth calfskin leather and the corners are beveled by hand.

8. The Leather Loop
The loop at the end of the mat is fitted to the board and secured by hand. The leather tie is than passed through the loop to keep the backgammon closed and secured when rolled.


Established in Mayfair, London in 2017, Métier designs elegant solutions for modern problems. Each bag is handcrafted in Italy, marrying timeless tradition and exceptional attention to detail with a profound understanding of the way that we live now. Extraordinary quality isn’t saved for a special occasion at Métier—it’s put into play every day, in every way.