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What We're Reading
As 2021 is rapidly approaching, many of us will pause and take stock of the unusual and in many ways challenging year that has just passed. When doing so, we are taking inspiration from Vladimir Nabokov’s autobiographical masterpiece Speak, Memory; A kaleidoscopic journey through his life as a Russian emigree, novelist, teacher and professional butterfly hunter. Written in a staggeringly beautiful prose style, this is a book to linger over as we firmly close the chapter on the year that was.
What We're Drinking
As we’re making a toast for a new year, we are going to do so with some fresh, new bubbles in our glasses, recommended by our friends at Buon Vino. Fuchs und Hase Pet Nat Vol. 4 from Arndorfer & Jurtschitsch is a sparkling wine created with a totally hands-off approach where organic grapes are allowed to naturally ferment in the bottle without any added sulfites or filtration processes. The result is a superbly refreshing, aromatic medium-bodied wine which will leave no one longing for Pet Nat’s fancier cousin in Champagne. An added bonus is the slightly lower alcohol content which means we can make even more toasts to a Happy New Year!
What We're Cooking
Perhaps an unconventional, but perfect accompaniment to the Pet Nat are these truly indulgent and super-easy-to make canapés with Oscietra caviar. We get ours from Ognisko Restaurant here in London where they are happy to organise home deliveries for our Métier clients based in the UK.
  • ​​​A bag of good quality, lightly salted crisps, about 150g
  • ½ finely chopped red onion
  • 150ml smotana, crème fraiche or sourcream
  • As much Oscietra caviar your wallet and taste-buds can negotiate, but we’d say at least 50g. Since we’re waving goodbye to 2020 though, maybe the 125g tin is appropriate, given the circumstances...

Place the crisps on a beautiful plate and put a dollop of smotana on each. Follow with a generous amount of caviar and finally a sprinkinglung of red onion.

Pour yourself a glass of Pet Nat, have a caviar canapè and feel your troubles melt like lemon drops.


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