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What We're Reading

For obvious reasons, the US, and the profound change that country is currently going through, has been on our minds this month. For the January edition of our book club, we’ve therefore reached for a volume chronicling another period of American metamorphosis; Joan Didion’s The White Album. With precise, powerful prose, she captures the zeitgeist of the tumultuous years of the late 60s and early 70s which saw the assassination of JFK, the Watergate scandal and the rise of both the Women’s and the Black Panther movements.

To us, Didion is not just a literary icon but her pragmatic yet effortlessly glamorous approach to sartorial matters, is also a great source of inspiration. In The White Album, she shares her famous packing list which she kept taped on her closet door in her Hollywood home. Before heading off on her next assignment, in her Corvette Stingray, she would make sure all her essentials were ticked off and safely stowed away.

What are your essentials? Whatever they may be, we’re confident we will have a piece perfectly suited to your needs!      

What We're Drinking

In a recent interview with Time Magazine, Joan Didion said that the only upside of the pandemic is that her wine bills have gone down, but that she really misses having people over for dinner. We couldn’t agree with her more. Luckily, we’ve been able to spend lockdown getting to know some really interesting independent wine-makers thanks to the deliveries we’ve received from our friends at Buon Vino. 

When we told their founder Rob Bagot what we’re reading this month, he immediately suggested that we try their Autochtone from the biodynamic Loire producer Julien Courtois. Made 100% from the rare Romorantin grape, this wine is described as “a rare delight of immense complexity whose precision and definition in youth expands into a complex multitude of flavours and layers with age”. In other words, a perfect pairing with the writing style and career-span of this month’s author. We hope her dinner parties can resume shortly!  


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