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Welcome to the Métier Book Club
We know that our Métier family is a diverse and global one and that many of us belong to communities that have had to adjust to new ways of living due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since we are spending more time at home, we thought that this is the perfect time to launch our brand-new series where each month, we share the books, wines and recipes we’re most enjoying to ensure we all stay inspired and that our appetite to discover new ideas, flavours and places is still satisfied.    
What We're Reading

Since many of us miss travelling and exploring new places, we’ve decided to launch our book club with Far and Away: The Essential Aa Gill, a posthumous collection by the much loved (and sometimes feared) writer. Razor sharp, compassionate and savagely funny, in equal measures, AA Gill invites us on wide-ranging journeys to places like Madagascar, St Tropez and Japan and also lets us join him at his dining table whether it is at El Bulli or at a motorway service station.

What We're Drinking

Métier founder Melissa Morris’ passion for Amarone wines is such that she even chose its hue as inspiration for the signature Alcantara lining found inside all of the house’s bags. Naturally, our first ever recommendation is therefore a gorgeous bottle of Amarone from artisan producer Carlo Meroni, whose family has been making stunning Valpolicella wines for generations.


Crafted with minimal intervention, Amarone Delle Valpolicella Classico Velluto Meroni Riserva 2012, is described by our friends at Buon Vino as “a natural, rich, concentrated, authentic, deep, layered Italian red wine” with “aromas of spices, tobacco and forest floor.” As if we couldn’t love this wine any more, the fact that it got its name “Velluto” from a poem by Berto Berberani in celebration of its velvety qualities, makes it even more special. Although written during the Second World War, the words certainly resonate with us at this present moment:


Dear Meroni, we received the S. Ambrogio wine made of Velvet / and we have drunk it to your health... / I must say that in this time of universal turmoil / your wine is like a good medicine to all of us!

What We're Cooking

We are absolutely delighted that Joe Trivelli, head chef at London’s beloved River Café, is generously sharing a recipe from his acclaimed The Modern Italian Cook. Just like Métier’s pieces, this dish is all about the beauty of combining exquisite ingredients to create a discreetly elegant but super high-quality end result. And it will go beautifully with the Amarone!  



(Penne al tartufo nero)




3 salted anchovy fillets

A few parsley sprigs extra finely chopped

1 medium black truffle (about 40g or more)

75g really good unsalted butter at room temperature (the quality makes a difference here)

400g penne

75g grated Parmigiano Reggiano, plus extra to serve

Sea salt, freshly ground black pepper and extra virgin oil


Put the anchovies in a small pan and gently heat in 2 tablespoons of olive oil until they melt. Add the parsley and remove from the heat. Grate in almost all the truffle, then add a twist of black pepper and the butter. Mash everything together with the back of a fork. 


Boil the pasta in plenty of salted water. When cooked, drain, reserving a cup of the cooking water. Return to the pan, mix first with the Parmesan and then the truffle butter, using a little of the cooking water to achieve a creamy consistency. You can do this over a low flame if you are worried about its temperature. Taste for seasoning. 


Serve in warm bowls with the remaining truffle and more cheese grated on top together with a glass or two of the delicious wine. 


With love,

The Métier team


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