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It's a special moment whenever a longtime client stops by our shop to show us with pride how beautifully their bag has aged. In fact, it’s something we take great pride in; It reflects the rarity of craftsmanship. 

Before our launch in 2017, we spent three years with our team of world-class Italian artisans to develop our unique method of crafting. Our goal was to find the perfect balance between lightweight yet lasting, elegant yet functional, effortless yet hardworking.  We wanted our pieces to get better with time and develop a rare patina and coveted slouch. In order to achieve these goals, we repurposed classic artisanal techniques in a completely new way.  The result is our cutting edge collection that stands the test of time and only gets better with age.

In celebration of our craftsmanship, we asked some of our closest friends to let us borrow their bags to document this process as part of an ongoing project titled “The Métier Time Capsule.”  Each image celebrates a different aspect of our craft. We hope you enjoy.

Handmade in Italy

Private Eye, at 3 years old.

Handcrafted in Italy by the highest-skilled artisans in the world, each Métier piece takes 20 hours on average to make. Each individual panel of leather has a precise and unique thickness depending on its function. For example, in the Private Eye (above), the front and back panels provide structure so are thicker than the side side panels which merely exist to hold contents in. This meticulous process ensures no unnecessary weight is added and allows our signature slouch to develop over time.

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Unique Method of Crafting

Vagabond All Day, at 2 years old. 

After spending three years working alongside our world-class team of Italian artisans, we perfected our unique method of crafting.  Repurposing artisanal methods, we studied the pressure points of each bag and developed a unique way to reinforce only around those pressure points, leaving the rest of the bag as light as possible. Our classic Vagabond (pictured above), has a hidden metal stud system underneath the handle to provide extra support from the upward force of the handle. In other pieces, we use extra strong thread, commonly used in shoes, for the most critical points. Each bag has its own recipe based on its shape to balance simplicity with longevity.

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Rare Patina

Perriand City, at 2 years old.

We exclusively use natural leathers of the highest quality. Natural leathers are not stamped or covered allowing them to begin as a perfect clean slate and then develop into something even more beautiful with time. Like a fine bottle of wine, or a coveted pair of Japanese raw denim, each bag’s unique patina reflects its wearer’s journey and only looks richer with use.

Modern Heirlooms

Perriand Weekend, at 3 years old.

Each of our designs has been tested in a facility in Italy that simulates 20 years of use. Whether wind, rain, humidity or weight, our bags are crafted to stand the test of time.  We want our pieces to be your most faithful companion no matter what your day throws at you and can be enjoyed by generations to come.

The Finest Details

Roma, at 1.5 years old.

From our solid brass hardware to our precisely painted edge paint, no detail is too small to perfect. Our handles are crafted from a soft rope whose width has been precisely measured to grip comfortably, while the foil logo is sourced from the suppliers who restore Italian cathedrals to ensure it stands the test of time.

Material Study

Vagabond Duffles, both at 1 year.

From our Atelier Calfskin, the highest quality French calfskin in the world, to our double-faced linen made from vintage umbrella fabric, each material has been meticulously sourced. Our Alcantara, used to line all of our bags, is an Italian micro-synthetic fiber used in vintage luxury cars and is of the colour of our favourite wine, Amarone.

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Signature Canvas

Many Days Toiletries Pouch, at 3 years old.

Our house pattern takes influence from Art Deco merged with geometric tessellations found in classic Arabic architecture. An artist from Paris stippled our pattern with 6,000 dots in every diamond and 6 unique diamonds for 36,000 unique dots in each repeat. The printing process on our signature canvas is also incredibly unique. Standing behind our commitment to natural materials, we flatten our linen in order to print on it, then we wet it and stretch it to bring the natural grain back, and then do a light coating to ensure its water resistance. The result is a fabric that is lightweight yet water-resistant and will develop our signature patina with time. 

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Elegant Solutions for Modern Problems

Designed from the inside out, each Métier piece is an elegant solution for modern day travel. Pockets are intuitively placed and easy to access, seamlessly enhancing every journey. Each modular piece is meant to reflect the ultimate balance of craftsmanship and practicality for life on the go.

Additionally, rather than offering replacements, each piece in our collection serves a unique purpose based on a specific journey.  This allows our clients to build their collection over time rather than replace each season. We are proud to create with a focus on longevity and we take our responsibility to offer only the best for our clients.

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Métier is a luxury leather goods house dedicated to creating beautiful and timeless pieces of the highest quality, handcrafted in Italy. Designed thoughtfully for all excursions, each collection is intended to work together to enhance function, allowing an unmitigated ease extending from journey to destination.