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How do you get inspired? 

I’ve always aligned myself with people who inspire me both personally and professionally. These people really champion my inner being and help me facilitate my dreams. 

How often are you traveling? What routine or tricks have you created for being on the road so often? 

I travel quite often, sometimes 2-­3 times month. I invested in luggage that has durability, function, and an understated design.

If time allows, I make a checklist and pack a few days in advance. I make edits leading up until the day I leave, so I don't overpack. I also never eat a full meal on a plane and drink plenty of water.

What is your favorite thing about traveling? 

I love interacting with people from all facets of life and learning about cultures other than my own. I also love exploring a new city and trying out the best restaurants in town. 

What does luxury mean to you?

To me, luxury is not defined by words or a retail value. It’s an essence. 

What are the things we will always find inside your bag?

Iphone XR, La Mer The Lip Balm, Travel size Josh Rosebrook Hydrating Accelerator Serge Lutens or Kevyn Aucoin mascara.


Métier is a luxury leather goods house dedicated to creating beautiful and timeless pieces of the highest quality, handcrafted in Italy. Designed thoughtfully for all excursions, each collection is intended to work together to enhance function, allowing an unmitigated ease extending from journey to destination.