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What do you do and why is it your passion?

I am a vintner and model. I love the collaboration and creativity involved in photo shoots. It’s given me the opportunity to see the world and meet many wonderful people. My mom and I co-founded our company Lorenza Rosé over 10 years ago. Making wine is a beautiful way to spread joy and connection to our planet. Rosé makes people happy!

What is the process for creating your work? 

We make Rosé with intention. True Rosé is when the grapes are harvested with the sole purpose of producing rose. Each of the 4 grape varieties are hand picked and whole cluster pressed then fermented dry in stainless steel tanks. We make Lorenza this way because we believe Rosé deserves to be more than an afterthought. It’s the only wine we make and we put our all into it!

As for modeling, I show up at the location and learn what the concept of the shoot is then collaborate with photographers, stylists, hair and makeup and creative team to produce beautiful imagery.

How do you get inspired?

Nature is what inspires me most! I especially love lush green plants and flowers. Cacti, palms, bougainvillea, moss... I can’t get enough! It’s wild yet perfect - nature always gets it right. I always feel refreshed and excited after visiting a botanical garden. I recently went to Lotus Lands in Santa Barbara. The gardens and the story behind them are fascinating! Highly recommend.

How did you get started in your career? What has been your journey to finding your own place and stamp on your industry?

My mom and I started producing dry, true Rosé over ten years ago before Rosé became a huge sensation in the US. We stuck to our vision and passion and never wavered from focusing on what we loved, Rosé! We are happy that the rest of the country eventually realized what we knew all along which is that Rosé is amazing and our patience has paid off. As far as modeling, I’ve always had two careers which has been so important to my wellbeing and has also set me apart from the sea of beautiful girls in the modeling world. It’s become very popular to be multi-hyphenate in the fashion business but it’s just always been how I operate. It’s helped me become a serious businesswoman as a young age.

How often are you travelling? What routine or tricks have you created for being on the road so often?

Nonstop! I make sure to have all my comedy podcasts downloaded, compression socks, crossword puzzles, The Lost Explorer rose water spritz, Bose headphones, and most importantly a good attitude. When you travel so often everything can and will go wrong. I try to stay as zen as possible.

What is your favorite thing about travelling? 

Traveling so often has made the world feel very small. I feel at home in so many places. It’s fun to have your regular haunts all over the world and see new things pop up when you return. I always seek out some special wining and dining experiences wherever I go. While there’s a lot to be said for feeling comfortable and familiar in a foreign land there’s nothing like the excitement of a brand new destination.

What does luxury mean to you?

Luxury to me is having the time and space to truly relax. With two careers on full blast it’s not often I get to turn off. My idea of perfect luxury is doing puzzles, swimming and drinking champagne with my favorite people.

What are the things we will always find inside your bag (the non-obvious please!)

You can always find an assortment of crystals in my bags. Amethyst, rose quartz, citrine and others protect and comfort me on my adventures. I usually have some Lorenza heart and rose stickers to give away. Headphones always and those who know me will say a crumbled up wad of cash! Can’t seem to use a wallet properly ha!


Métier is a luxury leather goods house dedicated to creating beautiful and timeless pieces of the highest quality, handcrafted in Italy. Designed thoughtfully for all excursions, each collection is intended to work together to enhance function, allowing an unmitigated ease extending from journey to destination.